Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From thought, to fingertip, to papaer, to pen...

So, as anyone can see, I have neglected my blog posts for quite some time, and a definite self-slap on the wrist is in order!

But, after all of the intimidation, the self-doubt and the dread of looking back over work from a year (I find it can be compared to re-discovering the back of your underwear draw - there's either an amazing, beautiful sheer number which you'd forgotten about but will certainly be used to impress later that night, or, on the other hand, something that you swore you'd thrown out or at least have forever questioned why you indeed purchased it) I have reached a revelation = it is all ok.

I remember that I am 22, am just embarking on my second year of art school, and although I place ridiculously high expectations on myself, the rest of the world will look at everything with interest because it has come - from me.

I did have a success of selling one of lithographs at the RMIT 'New Collectables' Auction afterall! Yay!

And so, I begin. After dabbling in graffiti (see above!) and a successful end to the year, I moved house from beloved Brunswick to Abbotsford, changed jobs and went back behind the coffee machine for most of the week and I caught up with friends whom I'd so neglected. I also then stopped and took time to figure out what I was going to do with all these thoughts and in making them visual - and then I headed to Bali for three weeks on a kind of whim.

Upon my return, as well as revisiting some other ideas I had developed over the Christmas break, I decided to go back to my roots, and found myself staring at a drawing I did for my maternal grandparents back in 2003. When I was 15, I was doing beautiful technical botanical drawings that even now I still pride myself on. Being surrounded by my nan and pa and their passion for Australian flora and fauna, teamed my mother's encouragement of my youthful lust for David Attenborough dvds and environmental documentaries, it all made sense.

Now just to link everything back to where my interest was beginning to lie, or at least all coming together to a specific point - the relationship that us, as human beings, have with the environment around us.
Without it getting too deep and political, I simply want to explore the beauty of things - of hands and feet, of fern fronds and kangaroo paws, of drying eucalyptus leaves and of beautiful native birds, of human interaction and completeness felt when in a serene and natural place.

I also love the quiet and eerie stillness of skeletons of animals and insects in museums, the feeling of fragility and mortality they present, as well as the notable strength, although also vulnerabilities of evolution and adaption to our ever changing environments.

Even though I enjoyed the confrontation and the intelligence behind my other works that the lecturers admired, I began to tire and longed to come back to pencil, to watercolour, and draw simply what I loved and felt passionately about. A beautiful aesthetic, with a delicate environmental awareness message beneath.
And so I dabbled...

Moving through thought, pigment, pen, music, brush, paper, screen printing, object, human and stem, I hope to be able to create a strong body of work to proud of.

And so it begins.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A bit of a new project on the go - following my piracy theme.


Incorporating actual piracy with the 'stealing of people's innocence', or basically causing them to explore their naievity.

Let's just see what happens!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Market Lane in the Design Files

As well as all the lovely things that are featured on the Design Files, including the wonderful Bromley, is also now Market Lane!
Some beautiful photography and a great write up.
Check it out here...

Design Files - Market Lane

Love the Design Files!

Design Files

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So, my piracy theme is coming along well, and already I have two works having sprung from that idea.

The first - 'To engage in an act of piracy'

Drawn using pencil, pen, watercolour and ink, this piece is my representation of the fantasical side of the pirate theme. It explores the etheral, the whimsical, and the physical elements, but has an underlying darker side also... The faceless woman is lost to the thoughts in her head, the curiosity, the longing and the lust.. I loved being able to create this work.

The second, is titled 'Masters':This explores the concept of how easy the art world can be pirated, exploited and manipulated. It poses the question, who is Sparrow...? It is indeed a nom de plume which I have adopted for this purpose exactly.

more work continues...


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Do we see piracy as a form of liberation and bravery or that of doing something wrong? Is it liberating to both the pirate in that they can take hold of what they want, but is it also liberating to the victim as they are then suddenly released of something, does it make them aware of other things that are precious to them, or of things that they once had..?


On a lighter note, saw Tim Burton last Thursday night... what a brilliantly shy and beautifully talented man dedicated to his creative passion. And dedicated indeed!

And below... who doesn't love drunken pashes on misty nights down dark alleyways? I want to do a painting of this. Or re-create the photo... so very Camden.


Engaging in acts of piracy

After racking my brain for topics to explore and dedicate a semester's worth of art work too, it was through a gift from Sarah that I have decided to engage in exploring the concept of piracy. In the broadest sense of the word...
Piracy, the taking of something that doesn't belong, the decision to steal, to take... some inspiration.

A paperwork by artist Sally Smart.

I love the imagery of this. Bravery, fantasy, mystery.

A brigand... I love the bohemian and ecclectic style surrounding piracy. Good or bad..?

Abandoned houses... I love the stories that could surround such places.

The taking of innocence...?

More to ponder over. I'm interested now just to see where this will all lead..